Prospects Christingle

We had our second Prospects-style event for adults and young people with learning disabilities at St Michael’s on Saturday. It has been a joy working with a whole cross-section of Christians from a variety of churches towards our goal of offering a regular worship and social activity.

This time we made Christingles. So we had making tables throughout the church, and the service simply went through the steps involved, and drawing out what each step meant. Many thanks to Mary for producing an enormous papier-mache Christingle that provided a splendid visual aid at the front.

We had so much fun, but also very much sensed the Lord was with us. The tea afterwards must have been good…no-one wanted to leave! We all had to work hard to get the church straight afterwards, but was it worth it? Absolutely. Already our thoughts are turning to our next event on 21st April. Please pray for us as we plan the next event in a couple of weeks’ time, or talk to Rev Tim if you want to get involved.

Pictures by Paul


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