Book Review

Over 20 people from both churches have taken up the challenge to read a book …

John Pritchard has written an entertaining yet challenging book for those who are new to church, thinking about going to church or even those who’ve been attending church for many years. It’s a funny, but never irreverent, book that will make you think afresh about why we bother to go to church in the first place. In fact, he starts by giving you ten good reasons why not to go to church!

Along the way there are questions – so reading this book is not simply something to do, but to engage with … and it would be interesting to hear your answers to some of his questions. If you have the courage, you can use the comment facility on this post …

One chapter looks at several different styles of church, and again, it would be fascinating to know if you recognise either of our two churches from his descriptions?

If you’d like a copy of the book, have a word with Rev Tim, or click on the picture above to order a copy online.



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