Praise at Argyle

Following the very successful carol services at Plymouth’s Home Park ground, a new initiative has been announced … an ecumenical, hour-long, praise-come-outreach-come-celebration-come-fund-raising afternoon.

It’ll begin at 4pm on Sunday, June 12th, and the pencilled-in running-order will include a talk with Argyle striker Rory Fallon; a couple of testimonies; an address from the Bishop of Plymouth; prayers; and plenty of praise, led by either or both of modern church band and the Salvation Army Band – in other words, something for everyone.

At the suggestion of the Bishop, a collection will be held for the Staff Fund for the Plymouth Argyle office staff who have not been paid since January.

We’ll post more details as we have them … and a name for the event which has yet to be decided!

Update … see link here … and the name is …

‘Plymouth Praise at Home Park’!


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